We have not been in your shoes, but we have been in similar shoes. My Next Step supplies a safe, positive environment to learn and grow.

We are all unique individuals on our own journeys, My Next Step is here to help light and guide you on your path. Together we can create solutions and help you step into the next chapter of your life

For appointments please call the following:

Office Hours                              Location                                               Email & Phone & Fax

Monday : 8am–9pm                     6500 Canyon Dr. Suite 200                  ehammer@mynextstepllc.com
Tuesday : 8am–9pm                     Amarillo, TX 79109                                p: (806) 452-8006
Wednesday : 8am–9pm                                                                              f: (806) 452-8007       
Thursday : 8am–9pm
Friday : 8am–9pm